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Stratam Consulting is the Marketing Boost to your Business.

The Marketing Boost 
to your business

Stratam Consulting helps you grow your cosmetic business with passion and expertise over 20 years.


Get to know us

Being established in 2024, STRATAM CONSULTING's mission is to help you grow your business with a strong, differenciating, sharp, agile and efficient marketing strategy


The Founder

Over the past 20 years, Valerie Garot has grown in her passion and marketing expertise as she served cosmetic houses as Guerlain in France and L’Oréal in Canada. As the CMO for the Valmont Group in North America for 5 years, she has built, managed, and empowered a resourceful marketing team and led digital marketing transformation and strategy with a strong omni-channel approach while opening the first La Maison Valmont retail store in NYC.

As the Valmont Global Marketing Director, based in Switzerland,  working closely with the CEO and the marketing team she built the marketing strategy and plans. She also overtook the mission to implement and develop the CSR policy of the group.

She created STRATAM CONSULTING to help companies to develop their brand notoriety and visibility on different levels and to boost their business by implementing an agile marketing strategy. Back to basics, making Marketing a strong tool to increase your visibility and your community and develop your business.

Valérie Garot Stratam Consulting founder, helps you boost your business with a differenciating and agile marketing strategy.
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Let's boost your business!

Boost your

Boost your
product offer

Boost your

Do you have an inspiring purpose as a company or a brand? Do you have a strong CSR positionning and leadership? Is it clear for your BtoB and BtoC clients? How do you communicate this story?

Let's make your story unique, strong and appealing.

Do you have an iconic product that everyone refers to? Do you have a breakthrough technology to clearly differenciate your products offer? Do you have a sharp marketing plan with 360 campaigns with strong ROI?

Let's unleash your USP together! and extend your portfolio with truly innovative products! 

Do your targets see you and understand your message? Where are your targets?

On the web, on specific social media, on their way to work or to shop? Going to events?

Let's make your brand unmissable for your potential clientele.

Boost your distribution

Boost your community

Are you present in the right markets with the right strategy? How much business could you get if you were able to adapt to your consumer behaviors? Do you have the right sales representatives?

Let's explore your territory and distribution extension!

Do you know your community? Do you know they make your brand stronger than your think? Do you give them love and tools to push their advocacy?

Let's develop together a strong BtoB and BtoC community!


Let's start the discussion!

Thank you for your message!

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